Frequently Asked Questions

How is your lawn care program better than that of your competitors?

Virginia Ever-Green provides an alternative approach to traditional lawn care by using mostly organic fertilizers and minimal pesticide applications, giving you a healthy lawn with less damage to the environment. Our treatments are also designed to improve soil quality over time, an important consideration as Virginia soil has heavy clay content that can be a challenge to effective lawn maintenance. We provide both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed treatment. However, our principal approach to weed control is based on the fact that a thick lawn is a natural barrier to weed germination. Thus, we encourage regular seeding and/or aeration to improve lawn thickness.

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Who am I doing business with?

Virginia Ever-Green is locally owned and operated by Jim and Kim Thomas, members of the Prince William County community for the past 30 years. Jim Thomas owned and operated a local franchised lawn care company for over 20 years prior to starting Virginia Ever-Green Lawn Service.

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Do you use liquid or dry materials?

Virginia Ever-Green uses dry, granular, organic fertilizers. Weed control treatments are liquid applications that are applied only to problem areas unless otherwise needed or requested.

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How do you apply treatments?

Virginia Ever-Green uses a "perma-green spreader" that is designed to evenly distribute a steady stream of fertilizer. The machine is also capable of carrying liquid weed control that allows the lawn technicians to spot treat the lawn as they go.

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Do you guarantee your work?

Absolutely! If you are not satisfied with an application, please call our office and we will schedule a trouble call to evaluate your lawn and re-apply treatment.

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Maintenance and Tree/Shrub Programs: We are happy to provide our customers with three payment options:

  • Pay in Full and take advantage of a 5% discount;
  • Monthly Installments;
  • Bill after service

Monthly installments simply take the total amount of the package and evenly divide into (8) or (10) monthly payments. They are due the same day of each month. Please keep in mind that these monthly installments do not correspond to the service schedule.

If you choose to be billed after each service, you will receive an invoice at your door upon the completion of the service. Payment should be made within ten days and we accept checks, money orders, or credit card payments. Credit card payments can also be set up for an automatic charge.

Mowing Service: Mowing is billed on a monthly basis for the weekly mowings from the month prior.

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