Get a Beautiful Lawn – the Natural Way!

We are proud to say that Virginia Ever-Green uses only granular, organic-based fertilizers to protect our environment and your family. We provide an alternative approach to traditional lawn care by utilizing an organic hybrid fertilizer and minimal pesticide applications. At this time, a fully organic pesticide does not exist. Therefore, we use nutrients and ingredients that are the least harmful to the environment while still being able to offer your lawn the proper care it needs to grow strong and remain pest- and weed-free.

We provide both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed treatment. Because we believe a thick lawn is a natural barrier to weed germination, we suggest regular seeding and or aeration to improve your lawn’s thickness.

We offer three different lawn care treatment packages customized to meet our customers’ needs, including our Basic, Deluxe and Intensive packages. All of our packages use a Permagreen spreader designed to evenly distribute a steady stream of fertilizer and carry liquid weed control that allows technicians to spot treat the lawn as they go.